dbForge Studio for Oracle V4.4.40

Adds support for SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command plus support for Oracle 21c.
January 18, 2022
New Version


  • Added support for Oracle 21c.
  • Added support for SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command.
  • Updated the Report Wizard.
  • Added Ignore MAXVALUE option.
  • Added Ignore INCREMENT BY option.
  • Added Ignore CACHE option.
  • Added Ignore CYCLE option.
  • Improved behavior of Ignore START WITH option.
  • Drastically improved reports.
  • Added support for JSON search index.
  • Added attribute clustering support.
  • Added support for nested tables in Generate Script As.
  • Expanded Generate Script As settings with 4 new options: Include COMMIT, Include SET SQLBLANKLINES ON, Include SET DEFINE OFF and Include NLS parameters for the current session.
  • Improved behavior of Retrieve Data option.
  • Updated integration with version control systems.
  • Added support for the conditional compilation expressions in syntax check.
  • Added support for PL/SQL declarations in CTE expression syntax.
  • Added support for the CROSS APPLY operator in the SELECT statement syntax.
dbForge Studio for Oracle

dbForge Studio for Oracle

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