ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition with Chamilo Connector v7.0

Adds the ability to automatically replace links and local paths with hyperlinks.
January 19, 2022
New Version


Create fillable forms online

  • Added the ability to create fillable forms online - This functionality allows you to automate your electronic document workflow. This makes it possible to create and fill out various kinds of documents quickly, e.g. legal agreements, contracts, reports, admission forms, questionnaires, etc.
  • Using fillable fields of various types, you can create forms from scratch or take an existing DOCX document as a basis, edit and collaborate on them with other users in real time.
  • A fillable form can be saved as a standard PDF file or as OFORM so that you can share and fill it out online.
  • This functionality is very similar to the standard content controls but offers more advanced field properties and customization options.

Protect workbooks and sheets with a password

  • Added the ability to make your work with spreadsheets more secure. This version allows you to protect separate sheets and workbooks with passwords.

Open and save query tables in spreadsheets

  • Added support for query tables - A query table allows you to prepare data for reporting and analysis by combining data from one or more tables in a spreadsheet. You can now open spreadsheets with query tables and save them without losing any data.

Added new editing features in documents

  • Hyperlink auto-correction - You can now choose if the ONLYOFFICE document editor should replace links and local paths with hyperlinks automatically.
  • Data from local files and URLs for Mail merge - The Mail merge feature, which allows you to create a batch of personalized documents for each recipient, now supports local files and URLs.

You can now add transitions and play animations in presentations

  • New Transitions tab - This release makes it easier to add and edit transitions on your slides. Everything you need can now be found in one place - on the newly added Transitions tab on the top toolbar. You can choose between different transition types, adjust their parameters and settings with a couple of clicks without getting distracted by other fields and slide properties.
  • Showing animations - When you play your slides that contain animations, the ONLYOFFICE editor now starts to play all the animations automatically.
  • Saving presentations to PNG and JPG - The newest version of the ONLYOFFICE presentation editor gives you one more option to save your slides. You can now choose between PNG and JPG formats.
  • Hyperlink auto-correction - Just like in text documents, you can now choose if the ONLYOFFICE presentation editor should replace links and local paths with hyperlinks automatically.

Collaborate more conveniently

  • Version History in spreadsheets - The ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet editor now comes with the version history feature so that users can navigate through their previous drafts and restore them if necessary. By default, each draft is saved as a version when the last user closes the spreadsheet.
  • Comment sorting - You can now quickly sort comments in a text document, spreadsheet or presentation, which makes it easier to work with comments left by different users at different times. For example, you can view all the comments in chronological order, from the newest to the oldest and vice versa. Also, you can sort the comments by author alphabetically using two available options - A to Z and Z to A.
  • Two display modes for reviewing text documents - This version now lets you choose between two display modes when reviewing changes made by other co-authors:
    • Show changes in balloons when you click them.
    • Show changes in tooltips when you hover your mouse over them.
  • Added the ability to see other users’ selection - When co-editing spreadsheets with other people in real time, you can see their selections marked with different colors.

Enhanced usability

  • Dark mode for the text editor - This feature prevents eye strain and improves readability in half-light environments. When the mode is on, a light color text is presented against a dark screen, which significantly reduces the light emitted by devices.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly access what you need - This release makes it easier to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations settings by means of keyboard shortcuts. When you press Alt in any editor, you will see tooltips in the form of shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly access the required tool, like copy/paste actions, font size, zoom options, etc.
  • New zoom options in all the three editors - In addition to the existing scaling options, documents, spreadsheets and presentations can now be scaled up to 500%. Scaling is applied automatically in accordance with the settings of your browser or operating system.
Hyperlink autcorrection

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