TIFF Image Printer 12.0.012

New Email action allows you to send separate emails on successful or failed conversion.
February 28, 2022 - 15:34
New Version


  • Added a built-in Email action which:
    • Allows you to send separate emails on successful or failed conversion.
    • Supports sending email using Microsoft Outlook or SMTP.
    • When using Outlook:
      • You can send an email silently or prompt before sending.
      • You can format the email using Outlook Templates (*.oft).
    • Allows you to email created files with option to attach as a single zip file.
    • Allows you set size limits and splitting options to control the the size of the emails plus attachments when possible.
  • Added a built-in ZIP action which:
    • Allows you to zip created documents into a single zip file, or add to an existing one.
    • Supports zip, 7zip, and tar formats.
    • Allows you to create password-protected zip files.
    • Allows you to use custom file extension.
    • Allows you to automatically split the zip file at set size thresholds.
    • Adds zip structure options to set folder paths inside the zip file, store at the root, or take the structure from the output files.
  • Added SMS notifications for sending text messages on successful or failed conversion.
  • Added a new Cleanup Options panel for automatic deletion of created files. Useful in conjunction with the new Email and ZIP actions, and custom run commands to cleanup files sent to other processes or locations.
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