EPPlus 5 released

Create, read and modify Office Open XML spreadsheets.
March 22, 2022 - 14:42
New Product

EPPlus is a .NET library for managing Office Open XML spreadsheets. The library is designed with the developer in mind allowing any developer with knowledge of Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet library to easily get up to speed with the API.

EPPlus provides an intuitive programming interface to most of Microsoft Excel’s functionality, such as styling, charts, pictures/shapes, VBA/Form controls, formula calculation, tables, pivot tables, conditional formatting, data validation, etc.

EPPlus' feature set and programming interface has always been driven by real world requirements and feedback from its very large user base (EPPlus has been downloaded by .NET Developers more than 40 million times).

New Features in EPPlus 5

  • Support all Microsoft Excel 2019 chart types with the new, modern styling.
  • Insert/Delete ranges in worksheets and rows/cols in tables.
  • Extended support for Pivot tables - Filters, calculated columns, support for shared caches, auto sort and "Show Value As" on data fields.
  • Pivot table- and table- slicers.
  • Custom table-, pivot table- and slicer styles.
  • Pivot table styling via pivot areas.
  • Improvements of the formula calculation engine and 147 new supported functions.
  • Threaded comments with support for mentions.
  • Support for importing dynamic/ExpandoObject to worksheets and a new set of attributes extending the capabilities of the LoadFromCollection method.
  • Support for exporting data from worksheets to files and DataTable.
  • Async methods for I/O operations.
  • Themes, Filters, Ignore errors.
  • Support for form controls and grouping of drawings.
  • External links.
  • Enhanced sorting - Sort state, left-to-right and custom list sorting and auto sort on pivot tables.
  • New Fill functionality and improved Copy method on Ranges.
  • Split worksheet into panes.
  • Easier access to Rows and Columns - Worksheet.Rows, Worksheet.Columns, Range.EntireRow and Range.EntireColumn.
  • Minor new features and fixed issues.


Create, read and modify Office Open XML spreadsheets.

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