Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF V4.4

Improves CheckComboBox, DateTimePicker and PropertyGrid controls.
May 19, 2022 - 11:07
New Version


  • The dlls for Microsoft .NET 5 now work in .NET 6 applications.
  • AvalonDock:
    • Belgian-Dutch culture is now supported.
    • Canceling when closing a LayoutAnchorable now keeps the content visible.
    • Floating a LayoutContent contained in a Pane, which itself is contained in a group, now removes the unused panes/groups to resize the remaining pane/groups using the leftover space.
    • Setting FloatingWidth or FloatingHeight on a LayoutContent inside the FloatingWindows.CollectionChanged callback now uses those new values for the floating window that is about to pop-up.
  • CheckComboBox:
    • The AllItemsSelectedContent property, inherited from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.Primitives.SelectAllSelector, is now available to get/set the content of the Text property when all items are checked.
  • DateTimePicker:
    • A Today button has been added on the calendar in order to set the selected date to be the current date. Two new properties, called TodayButtonContent and TodayButtonVisibility, have also been added to get/set the button’s content and visibility.
    • A new property, called AutoCloseCalendarOnTimeSelection, can now be used to automatically close the Calendar popup when a new time selection is made.
    • The new TimePickerTimeListItemsStyle property now allows you to get/set the style of the TimeListItems objects found in the DateTimePicker’s TimePicker control.
  • TimePicker:
    • The new TimeListItemsStyle property now allows you to get/set the style of the TimeItems objects.
  • ExtendedTabControl:
    • A new property, called PreviousNextButtonsPosition, can now be used to get or set the positions of the Previous/Next Tab buttons.
  • MaterialDesign LiveExplorer:
    • The DataGrid now defines a value for BorderThickness so that the boundaries of the DataGrid’s border can be seen.
  • MaterialDesign Theme:
    • All PropertyGrid 'UpDown' editors now use a default value for their height to avoid changing the height on mouseover.
  • Metro Theme:
    • The DropDownButtonContent now displays its default content when a DateTimePicker/TimePicker/CalculatorUpDown control is used in AvalonDock and CacheDocumentTabItems/CacheAnchorableTabItems is set to true.
  • NavigatorWindow:
    • Two new properties, LayoutAnchorablesLabel and LayoutDocumentsLabel, are now available to get/set the labels representing the NavigatorWindow’s active layout anchorables and layout documents.
  • PropertyGrid:
    • Two new events, CategoryExpanded and CategoryCollapsed, are now raised when a category is respectively expanded or collapsed.
  • SelectAllSelector:
    • A new property, called AllItemsSelectedContent, is now available to get/set the content of the Text property when all items are checked.
  • TimeSpanUpDown:
    • A new property, called ShowHours, is now available to hide/show the hours.
  • WatermarkComboBox control:
    • The WatermarkBackground property can now be used to get/set the control's background color.
  • WindowControl, MessageBox and StyleableWindow controls:
    • A new property, called WindowTitleAlignment, can now be used to get/set the horizontal alignment of the control title.
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