RayVentory Aspera Connector Updated

Adds support for Oracle Cloud provider, SNMP Device Types and reporting DB2 instances.
June 01, 2022 - 17:32
New Version


  • RayVentory Aspera Connector [Update 1]:
    • Added support for reporting DB2 instances.
    • Added support for Oracle Cloud provider.
    • Added support for SNMP and SNMP Device Types.
    • Added support for reporting Non-Windows Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Added a configurable parameter @iLPARHostName to change how dummy host names are reported when returning LPAR topology.
    • Improved calculation of Hyper-V relations, especially when inventory results were obtained with a zero-touch method.
    • Added column InstallationDate to query csp_aspera_connector_software_generic_microsoft.
    • Added support for class CIM_Product in stored procedure sp_GetDeviceFQDN. This ensures that systems having no class Win32_ComputerSystem (for example, Microsoft Windows 2003) will be properly reported as computers with inventory report.


Smarter software and hardware inventory.

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