Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R1 2022 SP2

Improves 'Smart Find Logic' and 'Manual Step' window layout.
June 06, 2022 - 15:20
New Version


  • Google Chrome
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless no longer runs in incognito mode.
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless now uses a custom user data directory.
    • Chrome Headless/Extensionless now preserves browser window state and position.
  • UI
    • Improved 'Smart Find Logic' attribute settings.
    • Improved empty test area.
    • Improved 'create new test' experience and test naming mechanism.
    • Improved 'Manual Step' window layout and the size is now persisted.
  • Translators and Wrappers: Added support for the latest Telerik and Kendo UI components (release R2 2022).
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate

Telerik Test Studio Ultimate

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