WebMail Pro for PHP v9.5.0

Adds support for multiple address books and the ability to share address books.
June 10, 2022 - 10:46
New Version


  • Added support for multiple address books, address book management is enabled by default.
  • Added the ability to share address books.
  • WebMail Pro Office document editor and viewer now fully supports OnlyOffice v7 with JWT protection enabled.
  • Files under "Shared with me" are now listed fully, regardless of whether they're in root folder.
  • "Use SSL" options have been added under "IMAP and SMTP hosts for external mail clients" section of mail server settings.
  • Various optimizations have been made for MySQL queries affecting installations with large number of users.
  • MTA versions have been refactored, it's now possible to upgrade MTA installation by updating just the web components.
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