CodeRush Ultimate 22.1.3

Adds file-scoped namespace declaration support for C# 10.
June 20, 2022 - 15:27
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Performance Enhancements

  • Improved Startup Performance - Improved startup performance by lazy-loading resources and settings, asynchronous initialization of internal services, reworking the way CodeRush interacts with Microsoft Visual Studio menus and toolbars, and optimizing memory use.
  • Optimized Debug Visualizer - The Debug Visualizer steps over code faster, (due to optimized communication with Visual Studio’s debugging services). Also decreased the time required to render Debugger Visualizer visual elements.
  • Optimized Tool Windows - The Code Issues, Test Runner and Feature Advisor windows now load faster when run the first time.

Code Analysis

  • XAML Diagnostics for DevExpress WPF Components - CodeRush Code Analysis Engine can now check your XAML code for usage errors. This release introduces the following diagnostics for DevExpress Controls:
    • Legacy drag-and-drop - Drag-and-Drop Managers are a legacy way to enable drag-and-drop. Consider setting the 'DataViewBase.AllowDragDrop' property to 'true' instead.
    • ColumnBase.EditTemplate is used - The 'EditTemplate' property is outdated. Consider using CellEditTemplate instead.
    • FieldName matches the Binding path - When the Binding property is specified, 'FieldName' should not contain an existing property name.
    • Outdated windows The DXWindow, DXRibbonWindow, and DXTabbedWindow classes are outdated. Use ThemedWindow instead.
    • Cell templates missing PART_Editor - Consider setting the editor’s Name to 'PART_Editor' to automatically bind and configure the editor.
    • EditValueChanging/EditValueChanged is handled in CellTemplate - Due to the grid's virtualization mechanism, this event handler will be invoked whenever a user scrolls data. Consider handling 'CellValueChanging/CellValueChanged' (for the grid's View) instead.
    • An invalid EventToCommand.EventName - The EventToCommand's associated object is missing the event specified in EventName.
    • In-place editing is unavailable when NavigationStyle is set to Row or None - Setting the 'ColumnBase.AllowEditing' property to 'true' will have no effect if the 'DataViewBase.NavigationStyle' property is set to 'Row' or 'None'.
    • AutoWidth and relative column size are used together - Setting the relative (star) column size will have no effect if the 'TableView.AutoWidth/TreeListView.AutoWidth' property is set to 'true'.

C# 10 Support

  • File-scoped Namespace Declaration Support for C# 10 - CodeRush refactorings, Code Cleanup and Code Formatting engines now support the new C# 10 namespace declaration style as well as C# 10’s new global using directives feature.
  • Records and Record Structs Support - CodeRush now supports records (for C# 9) and record structs (for C# 10) in Code Cleanup, Smart Constructor and Code Diagnostics.


  • Create Descendant - You can now use the Create Descendant code provider to quickly create descendant classes (and records) with necessary constructors and selected member overrides.
  • Sync Namespace with Folder Structure - You can now apply the Sync Namespace with Folder Structure action in partial classes and in a copied folder that contains at least one .cs or .vb file. The namespace in the copied files will be renamed according to each file's new location.

Caps as a Shortcut Modifier

  • You can now use the Caps Lock key as a shortcut modifier (just like Ctrl, Shift, or Alt) to create shortcut bindings for your favorite CodeRush commands and to quickly access a wide range of CodeRush functionality (refactorings, navigation, declarations, and more).

Smart Navigation (SmartNav)

  • The new SmartNav feature allows you to quickly navigate between adjacent members, statements, and arguments in C#, Visual Basic, and TypeScript/JavaScript, and also between controls and properties in XAML and XML. To use SmartNav, enable the “Caps Lock as a Modifier” feature and use Caps + the Arrow keys.

The Learning CodeRush Solution

  • This release introduces the 'CodeRush Solution' containing interactive lessons to help you learn Caps Lock shortcuts and help you practice new CodeRush features.
File-scoped Namespace Declaration Support for C# 10

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