DevExpress WinUI (Preview) 22.1.3

Data Grid adds support for Excel-inspired filtering.
June 20, 2022 - 15:26
New Version


New Ribbon Control

  • The new Ribbon control allows you to reproduce the Microsoft Office end-user experience within your WinUI app. The WinUI Ribbon ships with a complete command set including buttons, dropdown buttons, check buttons, toggle switches, and submenus. You can create custom items/commands, group commands and arrange them into tabs/categories.

WinUI MVVM Framework

  • Ported the MVVM Framework to the WinUI platform. This release includes support for the following MVVM-related features:
    • Commands (including asynchronous).
    • Base View Model.
    • View Model Code Generator.
    • UI Services.
    • Behaviors.
    • Messenger.

Data Grid

  • Microsoft Excel Inspired Filtering - The new Excel-inspired column filter option allows users to search for distinct values, select values from a hierarchical dropdown menu, or create/apply different filter conditions. New API allows you to customize filter items as needed.
  • Clipboard Operations - Users can now copy/paste selected rows or cells together with format conditions. The WinUI Data Grid supports the following standard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert
    • Ctrl+V / Shift+Insert
    • Cell values are copied to the clipboard using multiple formats (CSV, XLS, HTML, RTF, TXT). This ensures compatibility for a variety of Microsoft Windows applications that accept clipboard input.
    • The WinUI Data Grid also supports multiple paste modes (PasteMode). You can append rows or update existing rows as needed. New API includes the following:
    • AllowCopyToClipboard - Enables/disables copy and paste operations.
    • CopyToClipboard - Copies selected cells or rows to the clipboard.
    • PasteFromClipboard - Pastes selected cells or rows from the clipboard.
    • CopyColumnHeadersToClipboard - Includes column headers in the copied text.
    • ClipboardRowCopying - Allows you to format selected cells or prevent a user from copying selected cells to the clipboard.
    • ClipboardRowPasting - Allows you to change format settings before text is pasted from the clipboard.
  • Column & Cell Tooltips - You can now display additional information in cell and column header tooltips. This new API allows you to include custom elements into tooltips, display validation information, customize tooltip appearance, hide tooltips for individual cells and column headers. The grid automatically activates tooltips for cells and column headers with trimmed content.
  • Show/Hide Grid Lines - Use the new ShowHorizontalLines and ShowVerticalLines options to display/hide grid lines. Use the LineBrush property to specify grid line color.
  • Row Indicator - The Row Indicator panel visually communicates the state of the current row (focused, changed, validation error, etc.). You can easily change the Row Indicator's color, default images, width or its template.
  • Sort Group Rows by Summary - The WinUI Data Grid can now sort group rows against summary values. To sort group rows in this manner, users must choose the appropriate item in a grouped column's context menu as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Group Row Button Customization - The WinUI Data Grid now allows you to customize the Group Row button used to expand child records. You can change button color, icon, or template. You can even hide the button and always expand group rows.
  • MVVM - Populate Grid Columns - You can now populate WinUI grid columns from a collection in your view model (based on the MVVM design pattern). Use a template selector to select different column types. Once you update the column collection in your view model, the Data Grid will automatically reflect the changes made.


  • New Chart Types - The WinUI Chart control includes the following new chart types:
    • Stacked Step Line
    • Full-Stacked Step Line
    • Stacked Step Area
    • Full-Stacked Step Area
  • Create Chart Series from a ViewModel - You can now create chart series from a collection of view models. Use the ChartBase.SeriesSource property to specify the collection. The ChartBase.SeriesItemTemplate and ChartBase.SeriesItemTemplateSelector properties allow you to convert a model object to a series.
  • API Enhancements - Fine tuned the chart API to make it more intuitive, simpler, discoverable, and MVVM-friendly.

WinUI Reporting

  • New features include:
    • Async Document Generation.
    • Keyboard Navigation.
    • Mouse-Wheel Zoom, Zoom Trackbar, Toolbar Commands (zoom modes).
    • Drill-Down & Interactive Sorting.
    • Text Selection.
    • Document Margins.
    • Responsive Report Layout.
    • Search and Document Map.
    • Export Options Dialog.
    • Configurable Parameters Panel Layout.
    • Status Bar: Indication of Lengthly Operations (document generation, document export) / Ability to Cancel the Operation.
Excel-inspired filtering

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