Stimulsoft Reports.WEB 2022.3.1

Adds new library for displaying graphical objects.
June 23, 2022 - 16:35
New Version


  • Added a new graphics library - Stimulsoft.Drawing - An independent interface for displaying graphical objects. The GDI+ library is compatible with .NET Core for Microsoft Windows operating systems and libgdiplus - Mono Project for other operating systems.
  • Compilation for Blazor - This release adds support for 'compilation mode' when rendering reports using Blazor Server. You can now use all the features of the report generator - runtime compilation, functions and  publishing reports as classes. Compilation is available on all supported operating systems.
  • GraphQL data adapter - Added the ability to get data from various data stores using the GraphQL query model. This data source type has a number of advantages over REST or SQL queries.
  • Ribbon Chart - Added a new Ribbon Chart. This chart type is an improved version of the Stacked Column chart. Values for each argument are sorted from largest to smallest. A curve is drawn between the values (this is a ribbon), which allows you to estimate the tendencies and trends of indicators when analyzing. The chart is available in reports and dashboards. In addition, the ability to apply conditional formatting to the Range chart type has been added.
  • Optimization for JS designer - Replaced the framework used for creating the desktop version of the JS report designer. Previously, NW.js was used. Now the designer is built using Electron. As a result, the speed of the application has been optimized.
  • HTML preview modes - Added the ability to define HTML preview mode in the Preview Settings of a report. A report creator can now define the view mode as DIV or TABLE. It remains possible to define the preview mode for all reports at once, having set the appropriate value for the Web viewer option.
  • New features for Maps - The new functionality in this release also applies to maps in reports and GIS maps in dashboards.
    • For the Map component in reports this release adds support for data drill down. When clicking on a geographic object on the map, you can open another report page.
    • For GIS maps in dashboards this release adds the ability to specify a custom provider-server by URL.

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