Fiddler Everywhere v3.3.0

Adds new horizontal layout plus the option to export Fiddler root certificates in different formats.
July 08, 2022 - 16:25
New Version


  • Added new horizontal layout - Use the new button in the Live Traffic tab to switch between vertical and horizontal layout.
  • [Beta Feature] Compare Traffic - Added the option to compare multiple sessions in groups, including comparison of two saved/shared sessions.
  • Added new match conditions in Rule Builder and Advanced Filters for server certificate properties.
  • Added the option to export Fiddler root certificate in different formats - Binary, ASCII, PKCS 12.
  • Added the option to combine fragmented WebSocket messages into a single one.
  • Improved modification of request/response body in Rule Builder with bigger area and multiple formats for text highlighting.
  • Added *, * and * servers to the default bypass list on Apple macOS as they use certificate pinning and cannot be decoded.
Fiddler Everywhere

Fiddler Everywhere

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