Mockplus Cloud updated

Adds new Storyboard view and new feature to record project folder change logs.
July 18, 2022 - 10:29
New Version


What's new

  • Added a new Storyboard view to improve performance. A new shortcut has also been added to quickly expand or collapse the table of contents of your RPD.

Feature updates

  • Added a new feature to record project folder change logs.
  • You can now select the groups and projects that a new user can join when processing their team membership request.
  • Added a new shortcut to quickly jump to the upper right search box in the project homepage.
  • Added new prompts to explain why users without permissions can not move a project or project folder across teams.
  • Added a "Recently viewed" list for users to quickly switch between projects.


  • Improved parsing of RP prototypes. Hidden pages are not visible after being imported.
  • Improved floating toolbar in Preview mode.
  • Improved prompts that occur when you are trying to clone members.
  • Improved the strategy for design-mode selection. For example, if there is no file detected in Prototype and Design modes, but, Document mode does have some documents, you will be automatically taken to Document mode.


  • Improved the quality of assets exported from the Sketch plugin.
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