GhostDoc v2022.2.22190

Adds support for External XML Comments Files.
July 19, 2022
New Version


  • Added support for the ArgumentNullException.ThrowIfNull method.
  • Improved summary when documenting interface that extends another interface.
  • Added new IsLogToOutputWindow solution property that syncs file logging to Microsoft Visual Studio Output window.
  • Added new CHMFileName solution property to override the default filename that is used for the generated help documentation.
  • Added support for External XML Comments Files - External file is an alternative to placing documentation comments directly in your source code file.
  • Added <include /> tag to reference XML Comment in external file.
  • External XML Comment can be edited using Comment Editor while in the source code file.
  • Added new menus and commands for moving/merging XML Comment to/from external files.
  • Added new Move file XML Docs/Merge from XML Docs menus and commands to move all file XML Comments to or from an external file.
  • Generated comments statistics data for performance dashboard.
  • Added support for high DPI resolutions in all GhostDoc dialog windows.
  • Added support for file scoped namespaces in C#.
  • Only VSIX setup is now available for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017-2022, significantly reducing the download size.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013-2015 compatible add-on is now only included with GhostDoc Enterprise.


Simplify your XML Comments.

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