DevExpress WinForms 22.1.4

Improves PDF Viewer, GridView and Spreadsheet controls.
July 29, 2022
New Version


All WinForms products

  • 'The data you entered do not match the parameter type' exception is thrown on an attempt to specify an empty value for a parameter of a custom type.
  • Data Source Wizard - Stored procedures lose parameter bindings after the SqlDataSource result schema is rebuilt.
  • Data Source Wizard - Unable to cast an object of type 'Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue' to type 'System.String'.
  • DevExpress Design-time Settings - The WXI skin is not available in the skin dropdown.
  • Document Viewer - "Object is currently in use elsewhere" error occurs upon exporting when applying tiling for a report watermark.
  • Query Builder - Positions and width of tables are not saved when the Manage Query window is closed.
  • Skins - The System.StackOverflowException exception occurs when the active palette is changed after registering a custom Skin Patch.
  • The "Could not load type 'Microsoft.Visual Studio.Shell.Interop.IVsInfoBarUIEvents' from assembly 'Microsoft.Visual Studio.Shell.15.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'." error occurs on opening the Report designer.
  • The DevExpress.Utils.Automation.SupportedTextSelection type is declared twice.
  • The XtraReport designer crashes when capturing workspace after coming back from a print preview for a multi-parameter report.
  • ToolTipController - ArgumentException is thrown when a hint is shown.
  • v22.1.3 requires the Microsoft.Visual Studio.Shell.14.0 assembly.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio crashes with Could not load file or assembly 'System.ComponentModel.Primitives' or one of its dependencies on an attempt to edit a report with nested subreports or inherited reports.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - StreamJsonRpc.RemoteInvocationException exception with the "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" message occurs when a report is previewed.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - The "Column requires a valid DataType." error occurs when opening a report bound to a DataSet.
  • Visual Studio Report Designer Preview throws 'The type initializer for 'System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlProviderServices' threw an exception' when EntityFramework NuGet package v6.4.4 is used.
  • WXI Compact skin cannot be selected using the Project Settings Page.
  • XRTable - ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when all table cells are hidden and the ProcessHiddenCellMode property is set to "DecreaseTableWidth".
  • XtraAnimator - ArgumentException is thrown in the AnimatedImageHelper.SetActiveFrame method in certain cases.

Data Access Library

  • Visual Studio 2022 hangs when the SqlDataSource component is added to a Microsoft .NET 5 / 6 project.

DemoCenter (.NET)

  • XtraGauge Color Scheme demo - The selected gauge's color scheme is not updated after selecting a color in the More Colors... menu.

PDF Viewer

  • A specific document with a CCITT image cannot be opened.
  • Focus rectangles in form fields are misplaced in a certain document.
  • Form Filling - The multiline text box text vertical text position is calculated incorrectly.
  • Parsing - A document containing a soft mask with an incorrect subtype value cannot be processed.
  • Rendering - A JBIG2 image with an MMR encoded generic region cannot be rendered.
  • Usability - It is impossible to calculate page coordinates correctly.

Project Templates

  • Some project templates that require the DevExpress.Drawing assembly do not reference it.

XtraBars Suite

  • A BarLargeButtonItem image supplied using DPIAwareImageCollection is upscaled in high-DPI environments.
  • A child MDI ToolbarForm does not hide its header when this form is maximized.
  • A selected group is reset when AccordionControl is resized in Overlay mode.
  • Accordion Control - OverflowException occurs when the AccordionControlElement.ImageOptions.ImageLayoutMode property is set to ImageLayoutMode.Stretch.
  • AccordionControl - The BackColor property doesn't affect the Hamburger Menu's background color in the WXI skin.
  • BackstageViewControl - The ItemPressed event fires for a disabled item.
  • Bar editors that are configured to act as button groups may be drawn outside of their parent ribbon page's bounds.
  • Bar item shortcuts cannot be set in Visual Studio's Properties tab in the .NET/.NET Core designer.
  • BarLargeButtonItem's SVG image is blurry when upscaled in an HDPI environment.
  • Certain controls are not properly resized after switching to SetDPIAware.
  • DockManager - The designer's Selection rectangle is incorrect after resizing the auto-hidden DockPanel.
  • DockPanel - DockPanel.Appearance.BorderColor property is not applied for tabbed panels.
  • DockPanel's width increases when DockPanel is restored after being hidden in a .NET 6 project.
  • FluentDesignForm - NullReferenceException is thrown when navigating between elements via a keyboard.
  • Gallery Control throws an exception if the mouse is moved over it while its items are being modified.
  • It is not possible to cancel a workspace's apply operation.
  • NativeMdiView - The Maximize method doesn't work.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown at IXtraTabPage.get_Appearance.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the MinimizedRibbonPopupForm.GetSizeWithIndents method when the Classic panel style is used.
  • PerMonitorV2 - Controls inside a dock panel are incorrectly scaled when undocked.
  • Previously selected ribbon page's text color is incorrect when Ribbon Control is minimized.
  • Ribbon Form's minimum height required to show the ribbon increases based on the main monitor's scaling settings.
  • RibbonControl - How to redraw a pressed item link with a drop-down area.
  • RibbonForm - An item from a child form's caption bar is drawn even if the caption bar is hidden.
  • RibbonStatusBar - The HTML image tag in the bar item's caption is not visible.
  • Showing and hiding a dock panel placed under RibbonControl causes visual issues.
  • TabbedView - NullReferenceException is thrown in the CalcTooltip method.
  • The Bar Element Deletion Confirmation dialog is not shown in the .NET Core designer.
  • The position of an image set using the RibbonControl.EmptyAreaImageOptions property is incorrect when the WXI skin is used.
  • The TileItemElement.ImageOptions.ImageToTextIndent property is not upscaled in high-DPI environments.
  • There is no option to add additional information for a current workspace.
  • There is no way to determine the ribbon page that owns a bar item link.
  • There is no way to modify Workspace Manager's dialog form before it is shown.
  • TileContainer - Tiles are painted black when animating them manually with the enabled AllowItemHover option.
  • TileNavPane ignores the Trimming property value for its items.
  • ToolbarForm menu is not activated when the Alt key is pressed.
  • ToolboxControl - The text assigned to the Caption property is trimmed and drawn incorrectly.
  • ToolboxControl - Toolbox items that are removed from the group's Items collection are still displayed.
  • ToolboxControl is painted incorrectly with Visual Studio 2013 Dark.
  • Tooltips assigned with the ToolTipController.GetActiveObjectInfo event are not shown for bar items.
  • WidgetView - The BackgroundImage property does not work with the Bezier skin.

XtraCharts Suite

  • A Pie chart throws an overflow exception if it has a single segment.
  • Chart for WinForms - Drill Down shows a wait cursor when setting e.Cancel = true in the DrillDownStateChanging event handler.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when the EmptyPointOptions.ProcessPoints property is changed in the designer.
  • Zooming - The mouse wheel zooming operation affects the parent container after an upgrade.


  • "(Empty)" values for the StrokeDashArray property cannot be translated.
  • DiagramToolboxDockPanel's Toolbox displays a vertical scrollbar after all stencils are deselected.
  • DiagramToolboxDockPanel's Toolbox is incorrectly measured if the SelectedStencil collection is initially cleared.
  • The WindowsFormsSettings.UseDXDialogs option doesn't affect DiagramControl.

XtraEditors Library

  • A checkbox is drawn above text when the WXI skin and Touch UI are enabled.
  • A DirectX form cannot be opened in the .NET/.NET Core designer.
  • An exception is thrown during window handle creation for certain layouts in PerMonitorV2 scaling mode.
  • An exception is thrown when certain highlighted Unicode characters are trimmed.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in FilterControl when raster images are used.
  • Avoid using the UIAutomationClient assembly in the CheckEnableTouchSupportCore method.
  • Certain controls are not properly resized after switching to SetDPIAware.
  • CheckedListBoxControl crops its checkboxes in RightToLeft mode.
  • ComboBoxEdit - The focused editor does not show the Auto-Complete text in RTL mode when the text editor area is disabled.
  • DateEdit - InvalidOperationException is thrown on scrolling a touch calendar with the mouse when an editor has the dd.MM.yyyy date format and its MaxValue property is used.
  • DateEdit - The incorrect month is displayed in the Classic/ClassicNew view when the YearView style is used.
  • DirectXForm - An exception is thrown when setting the FormBorderStyle property to None.
  • DirectXForm - An exception is thrown when using the MDIParent property.
  • DirectXForm - TokenEdit does not work in manual mode.
  • DirectXForm gets the NullReferenceException when it's closed.
  • DivideByZeroException is raised on clicking the up/down arrow keys in TextEdit.
  • DXDesignKeys - Selected skin is not applied in the Visual Studio 2022 designer.
  • FileDialog remains active when the "Insert disc" message is displayed.
  • FileExplorerAssistant - NullReferenceException occurs when selecting a virtual node without an image.
  • FilterControl shows an empty operator when no filter is set.
  • FormAssistant allows conversion of an MDI parent form to a DirectX Form that does not support the MDI functionality.
  • HTML Demo - The Interaction section does not work in the VB version.
  • Image Editor: The cropping tool's aspect ratio is ignored in certain usage scenarios.
  • ImageComboBoxEdit - The readonly appearance is not correct with the WXI skin.
  • ListBoxControl - The TemplatedItem.BorderVisibility property in the CustomizeItem event handler is ignored.
  • LookUpEdit - The read-only appearance is different from TextEdit in the WXI Compact skin.
  • MemoEdit - The AppearanceReadOnly settings are not taken into account.
  • Moving the mouse over DateEdit's pop-up calendar in TouchUI view throws an exception when accessibility tools are used.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when creating a mask with a specific settings file.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when opening DirectX forms in DirectXForm.OnLookAndFeelChangedCore during InitializeComponent.
  • Overlay Form - The SplashScreenManager.ShowOverlayForm method activates the owner form after an update to the latest version.
  • RepositoryItemTreeListLookUpEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when StyleController and NullValuePrompt are used and a data source is modified.
  • RuleManagerForm - The target control might be slow if there is a large number of rules because it applies them one by one.
  • SpinEdit's border is drawn incorrectly when the AdvancedModeOptions.Label property is used.
  • TablePanel columns with the Relative style do not retain their relative width when certain controls span across multiple columns.
  • TextEdit with the Advanced mode - Left and right keys work in reverse when an RTL language is used.
  • The IsDarkSkin method does not work for the WXI skin.
  • The loading animation is restarted when updating Fluent Splash Screen options using the SplashScreenManager.SendCommand method.
  • The MemoEdit scrollbar overlaps the editor's text in Advanced mode when the padding is set.
  • The Predefined Form Template does not generate any form.
  • There is no way to disable the use of DirectX in a DirectX Form.
  • TokenEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when the WXI skin is used and DropDownShowMode is set to Microsoft Outlook.
  • TokenEdit - The mnemonic shortcut is triggered on editing if the Advanced mode is enabled.
  • WeekDaysEdit allows editing the Items collection in the Collection Editor at design time.
  • WXI Skin - Editors with the disabled text edit area cannot be customized by the Appearance property.
  • WXI Skin - LookupEditors are incorrectly painted when an error icon is shown.
  • XRLabel.AllowMarkupText - Labels with the HTML tags create unnecessary line breaks.
  • XtraDialogs are slow when a folder with multiple network folders is opened if the Filter property is set.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - Some icons are missing from the explorer in Microsoft Windows 7.
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - The ShowDialog method hangs the application when a filter is applied.
  • XtraSaveFileDialog.ShowDialog causes process deadlock when working with TaskScheduler.


  • GanttControl - Add an option to customize the column header in the printed document.

XtraGauges Suite

  • XtraGauge Color Scheme demo - The selected gauge's color scheme is not updated after selecting a color in the More Colors... menu.

XtraGrid Suite

  • AdvancedCustomizationForm does not show the column caption correctly in TouchUI when the WXI theme is used.
  • Microsoft Excel-Style Filter - It is not possible to scroll data filters so that the last item is visible when using the WXI skin and the Touch UI.
  • Excel-Style Filter - Items overlap when a large font and the WXI skin are used simultaneously.
  • Filter button is overlapped by the column caption when the RightToLeft mode is used.
  • Grid columns are incorrectly populated in certain cases.
  • Grid Control - An exception occurs when searching in Grid via Find Panel in RTL mode.
  • Grid Control - The e.DefaultDraw method in the CustomDrawViewCaption event doesn't perform default painting of the View Caption.
  • GridView - IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when calling the GridView.Columns.Clear method and all group rows are expanded and selected.
  • GridView - InvalidCastException is thrown when exporting a Data Grid that contains conditional formatting rules.
  • GridView - NullReferenceException is thrown when calling the BestFit method if the grid control is not visible.
  • GridView - The AllowHtmlDrawHeaders option is not taken into account on exporting.
  • GridView - The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog is shown without specifying the owner control.
  • GridView - The font set after opening the detail view is not taken into account on printing.
  • GridView - There is no way to resize a detail view if RTL is enabled.
  • GridView - TimeSpan values in a group summary are incorrectly calculated when multilevel grouping is used.
  • GridView with an inplace edit form doesn't hide the vertical scrollbar after editing is complete.
  • GridView's horizontal scrolling position is incorrectly set when an empty data source is populated while the NewItemRowPosition setting is set to Bottom.
  • It is not possible to obtain appearance that would be applied to a given grid cell by a given Conditional Formatting rule.
  • LayoutView - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in the IsFirstCardInView method.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the DestroyFormInfo method if CustomEditFormLayout is not EditFormUserControl.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the DrawBackgroundImages method.
  • Opening the column filter in grid columns that are sorted by display text may cause an exception in certain locales.
  • OverflowException is thrown when the column pop-up filter is opened for a column that contains numeric values larger than Decimal.MaxValue.
  • Right-clicking a grid row resets selection when multiple row selection is enabled and Drag-and-Drop Behavior is attached.
  • RuleManagerForm - The target control might be slow if there is a large number of rules because it applies them one by one.
  • The AccessibleName property cannot be changed for a separate GridView.
  • UnboundDataType for enum is not restored when calling RestoreLayoutFromStream.
  • WinExplorerView - The QueryItemTemplate event does not fire for detail Views.
  • WinExplorerView does not apply the style from the CustomizeItem event handler.
  • WinExplorerView does not update the cell value automatically when the HTML template is used.
  • XtraGrid - TileView - Selection is hardly visible in certain dark skins.

XtraLayout Suite

  • Binding a Tree List in a Layout Control to a design-time data source may result in an exception in the InitializeComponent method.
  • Layout Control's item size may change when this Layout Control is saved while it is located in another Layout Control.


  • Map for WinForms - Order of generated route pushpins in the LayerItemsGenerating event handler does not correspond to the RouteOptimization settings.


  • Collapsed NavBarControl may be incorrectly resized when it is expanded in the Layout Control.


  • An image's "Lock aspect ratio" is not saved to the RTF of a RichEditControl if the image's Text Wrapping style is set to "In line with text".
  • Bullet points become bold after setting the bold formatting for a paragraph range.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • InvalidPropertyPathException is thrown when the ResourcesTree data with custom fields is filtered.
  • ResourcesTree flickers when a data source criterion changes.
  • SchedulerControl - The "Go to This Day" item is available in the context menu on clicking on a non-view area.
  • The GroupType property value cannot be changed at design time.
  • WeekDaysEdit allows editing the Items collection in the Collection Editor at design time.


  • An exception is thrown on an attempt to replace cell text with a formula containing an error using the Find&Replace dialog.
  • Hieroglyphs overlap when the Wrap Text option is turned on for a cell.
  • InvalidOperationException "DocumentModel.IsCopyCutMode is false" occurs on an attempt to copy and paste the range of data when another app tries to access the clipboard.
  • SpreadsheetControl shows '#' signs instead of a cropped cell value for a cell with the "Word Wrap" and "Shrink To Fit" options enabled.
  • The 'SelectedTabIndex value out of range 0...65535' exception is thrown on an attempt to save a specific document.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Binding a TreeList in a Layout Control to a design-time data source may result in an exception in the InitializeComponent method.
  • It is not possible to obtain appearance that would be applied to a given grid cell by a given Conditional Formatting rule.
  • TreeList's context menu is not displayed when the Menu key is pressed.
  • TreeList - Row height does not decrease if a global large font is used and TreeList uses a small font.
  • TreeList - Underline and strikethrough are not applied together when DirectX is enabled.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • It is not possible to obtain appearance that would be applied to a given grid cell by a given Conditional Formatting rule.
  • PropertyGridControl - A cell editor is shown for a row of the PGridEmptyRow type.
  • PropertyGridControl - The AutoPostEditorDelay property affects only popup editors.
  • VGridControl - The row header column's width is calculated incorrectly when High DPI settings are used.
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