dbFront v1.2.2

Adds support for Crystal Reports.
August 9, 2022
New Version


  • CrystalReports: Added the ability to run SAP Crystal Reports.
  • CrystalReports: Added the ability to return multiple types: CSV, DOC, PDF, RTF, TSV and XLS.
  • CrystalReports: Added the option to print Crystal Reports to a Server Printer.
  • Microsoft Excel: Updated OpenXml.
  • LDAP: Added the ability to set LDAP filter for ADFS.
  • OpenURL: Added the ability to allow "file://c:\filepath\file.pdf" to resolve to a Local Download.
  • OpenURL: Added settings to configure Allowed Local FilePaths. e.g. c:\filepath\*.pdf.
  • OpenURL: Local Download is now limited to specific "safe" file types.
  • Oracle: Updated Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.
  • TableTabs: Child Tabs now show a row count for 1-1 relationships.
  • TableTabs: Child Tabs now show a row count for 1-M relationships.
  • GridEdit: The RowCSS now immediately refreshes with grid data changes.
  • Table: TableHeaders will now float above the data when the page is scrolled down.
  • Themes: Added a clean/flat version of standard themes by clearing background images.
  • Settings: Added the option to block the ability to export/import data from the Admin database screen.


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