KeepTool Professional 15.0.2

Adds support for Oracle 21c JSON data types.
August 18, 2022
New Version


  • Added support for Oracle 21c JSON data types.
    • You can now create tables using the new Oracle 21c JSON data type.
  • Added support for Oracle 21c BLOCKCHAIN tables and IMMUTABLE tables.
    • You can now create blockchain tables and immutable tables.
    • Reverse DB and ShowDDL command create the appropriate DDL.
  • Added new Optimizer Environment.
    • On the Hora sessions page, there is a new tab “Optimizer”. It displays the cost-based optimizer environment for the selected session from V$SESS_OPTIMIZER_ENV.
    • On the Hora database page, there is a new similar tab that displays the optimizer environment for the instance from V$SYS_OPTIMIZER_ENV.
  • Both the data content browser as well as the DB object browser on the right side of the SQL editor window now show tooltips for:
    • Describing column headers.
    • Looking up foreign key values.
    • Showing the entire data record in an instant record view.
  • Some tooltips now display an icon, for example to visualize the data type of the column.
    • There are new icons for both numeric and character data types as well as PL/SQL Boolean and %ROWTYPE parameters.
  • Changes to the Hora database page:
    • Below the Alert log data grid is an new tab control. For better query performance, it allows server-side filtering of the queried time horizon: Last hour, Today, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, or All.
    • There is a new tab “Trace files“. It can be used for Oracle 12c release 2 and later.
    • The data grid on the left shows recent trace files including timestamps. The tab control below allows server-side filtering similar to the Alert log page: Last hour, Today, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, or All. The data grid on the right displays the content of the currently selected trace file. This gives you the opportunity to view trace files without logging on to the server operating system.
  • Improved the “locks” tab on the sessions page as follows:
    • Added a new column “time” which displays the locking time in seconds.
    • Added red highlighting of blocking locks.
    • Added yellow highlighting of:
      • User locks held by a blocking session.
      • Requested user locks.
      • Possibly remote blocking locks in a RAC environment.
    • Added gray highlighting of system locks.
  • If the data contents option “Show CLOB and XML content in grid” has been enabled, both data content and SQL query resultset grids now show the LOB content in an embedded LOB edit field.
    • The initial size of the popup window that displays the LOB content has been significantly enlarged.
    • Depending on the position of the LOB edit field in the grid, the popup initially occupies up to 7/8 of the width and height of the data grid. This makes it much more easy to assess LOB content on a first glance.
  • The DB Compare options dialog now gives you two new choices:
    • The checkbox “Hide identical objects” is checked by default. When unchecked, DB Compare also lists objects that are identical in both databases.
    • A new memo box “Include objects like” has been added. It works similar to the existing “Exclude objects like” memo. This allows you to speed up analysis in case you want to compare a small bunch of objects only.
      • Object names in the include list are now put together by OR, whereas exclude objects use AND.
  • The setup now installs Wibu CodeMeter runtime version 7.50. It is strictly recommended to update the CodeMeter runtime on your network license server as well.
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