PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.67.16210

Improves Dark Theme, IntelliSense and Code Diagnostics.
August 18, 2022 - 10:57
New Version


  • To-Do on Dark Theme - Improved and updated the color scheme of to-do comments on Dark Theme. It makes caret navigation more readable.
  • IntelliSense Enhancements - Code Completion has several new features and improvements to make daily tasks easier:
    • More precise static type resolve, especially when defined in trait.
    • Code analysis and type checks have also been added for variadic parameters.
    • Tooltips now shows cleaner information.
    • Overall improvements in type analysis.
    • Improved resolving corresponding __construct.
    • Auto-import use now respects the already existing alias with the same name. Auto-Importing of a namespace avoids creating conflict names in use and current class.
  • Code Diagnostics:
    • Strict Types Checking - The code diagnostic now respects the strict_types directive. Whenever there is declare(strict_types=1); code at the top of the source file, implicit numeric conversions are now treated strictly. Any conversion that would reduce the value precision is reported as a warning.
    • Unknown Property Diagnostic and Code Fix - A code diagnostic for unknown properties has been introduced.
    • Namespace Declaration Correctness - Added a code diagnostic that validates the use of namespace and other statements in the global code. It also checks the user is not mixing short and long namespace syntaxes.
    • Class Name Correctness - Now the editor checks aliases introduced with use statements in combination with classes inside the current namespace. This reports names of classes conflicting with a name already specified in a use alias.
    • Code Compose - Added new Code Compose feature in the PHP Editor. It is also known as inline suggestion. The editor now guesses the next word or a sequence of words you might type according to the context. The suggestion is shown dimmed right in the code and can be confirmed with the TAB key.
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