Eyeshot Fem 2022.3

Adds support for principal axes for Inertia computation.
September 16, 2022 - 9:28
New Version


  • Added history-based, parametric modeling in SketcherDemo code sample.
  • Added support for interactive sketch trimming.
  • Added support for 'IfcAdvancedBrep' entity in 'ReadIFC' class.
  • Added 'Project3D' machining strategy.
  • Added projected leads in 'Contour3D' machining strategy.
  • Added 'AreaAndVolume.GetPrincipalAxes()' method for Inertia computation.
  • OpenDesign libraries has been updated to version 23.7.
Eyeshot Fem

Eyeshot Fem

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications including geometry meshing and Finite Element Analysis.

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