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Adds new track - SQL for Backend Developers.
September 21, 2022 - 9:53
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  • Added new track - SQL for Backend Developers.
    • Master the fundamentals of database theory, learn SQL statements needed to access data, and get practice with MySQL. This track provides you with a personalized study plan containing 47 educational topics. Each of the topics includes the necessary theory, which you’ll be able to apply immediately to make sure you really understand it. In particular, you will:
      • Learn the basic SQL syntax to retrieve, filter, and modify table data.
      • Use SQL statements to create new tables and modify the existing ones.
      • Perform complex database operations using different SQL functions and subqueries.
      • Get to know indexes and query plans to optimize work with data.
      • Use procedures and triggers to create your own functions.
      • Work with transactions to maintain data consistency.
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