Adds support for ligatures which allow you to merge multiple symbols into one.
September 27, 2022
New Version


  • Plugin marketplace
    • Added a brand-new Plugin Manager which you can use to explore all available plugins and install or remove any plugin with just one click.
  • Live viewer
    • When you open a document in the view only mode, you can now see the changes made by other users collaborating in real time.
      • Please note: This option is available only for server users who have a new license with the connections_view field.
  • Enhanced work with fonts
    • Added support for ligatures which allow you to merge multiple symbols into one. This adds support for new languages, for example, Bengali and Sinhala, as well as making for a more harmonious reading experience.
    • N’Ko writing system is now among the supported RTL scripts.
    • You can configure ligatures and choose between standard, contextual, discretionary and historical types or select combo options.
  • New form fields and parameters
    • Added new email address, complex field and phone number fields which allow you to compose any custom field.
    • In text fields, you can now allow the usage of any specific symbol and set the format: None, Digits, Letters, Arbitrary Mask (for phone numbers) and Regular Expression (for example, for emails).
    • The new Tag setting allows users who work with fields in automatic mode to simplify form creation.
  • OLE spreadsheets
    • Added the ability to insert and edit spreadsheets as OLE objects embedded in text docs, sheets and slides.
  • Usability improvements
    • Upgraded the interface:
      • Cut and Select All buttons have been added to the Home tab.
      • Updated View tab with editor settings (now also available in view and commenting modes).
      • Additional panel for buttons when reducing the browser width.
      • Separate buttons for document sharing and list of co-authors.
      • Updated Navigation panel has been renamed to Headings in document editor.
  • New interface theme and languages
    • Added another dark mode variation - Dark Contrast - to make it even quicker and easier to work with docs in dark environments. You can also make the editors automatically switch to the dark or light mode depending on the theme used in the system.
    • Added new interface languages:
      • Portuguese (Portugal).
      • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan).
      • Basque.
      • Malay.
      • Armenian.
  • Updated Search and Replace
    • Find anything in your documents using the new search bar. On the left-side panel, you can set detailed search options and navigate between results. You can now also use the Whole words only option.
  • Hotkeys for Paste Special
    • Added new hotkeys which enable special paste options in each of the three editors. You can, for example, paste formulas and text without formatting, or vice versa keep source formatting.
  • Added new features in the spreadsheet editor
    • Link to data range - You can now get and share a link to the selected range using the context menu. This way, recipients will quickly find necessary data even in large workbooks.
    • Switch Row/Column - Added a new option in the chart settings on the right panel which allows you to quickly swap chart rows and columns.
    • 1904 date system - In the spreadsheet Advanced Settings, you can now activate the 1904 date system, the default numbering system which starts on January 1, 1904.
  • Other enhancements
    • Added the ability to rename files via title in the editor.
    • Added the ability to use custom images as bullets in bulleted lists in sheets and slides.
    • Improved Advanced Settings by adding the option to enable/disable navigation using the keyboard.
    • Added the ability to remove headers and footers from the toolbar menu (in document editor).
    • Added support for PPSX presentations for viewing.