DevExtreme Complete 22.1.6

Improves DataGrid, Scheduler and Layout controls.
October 25, 2022 - 17:37
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  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • VectorMap does not trigger the document's click event and prevents SelectBox from being closed.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • A hidden column takes part in keyboard navigation when columnHidingEnabled is enabled.
    • A nested DataGrid in another DataGrid has an incorrect pageSizeSelector appearance in compact mode.
    • A popup is not shown for a row if editRowKey is specified in popup edit mode.
    • Accessibility
      • Pager doesn't have the required ARIA attributes.
      • The aria-label attribute in the Column Chooser's Close button is not translated.
      • The Column Chooser, Header Filter, and Filter Row popups don't have the required aria attributes.
    • Component is displayed incorrectly if the columnRenderingMode option is set to virtual and grouping is enabled.
    • Grey boxes are displayed on initial load if refreshMode is set to 'repaint' in virtual scrolling mode.
    • Keyboard navigation breaks if the last row is expanded and collapsed in a master-detail view.
    • Paging is not applied in a lookup column's filter row editor.
    • The "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getBoundingClientRect')" error appears when no grid state is saved yet.
    • The `sortOrder` option cannot be reset when using the beginUpdate/endUpdate methods if the filterSyncEnabled option is enabled.
    • The component requests data from all pages when a value is reset in the search panel.
    • The header filter list in the material theme doesn't load new items after reaching the bottom with keyboard navigation.
    • DataGrid checks each data cell's validation state even if editing is not enabled.
    • DataGrid doesn't clear text in the Filter Row after the state is reset if applyFilter is set to "onClick".
    • TreeList - Content leaking occurs when pushing an update with data property.
    • TreeList \ DataGrid - The "data" parameter is undefined in onRowRemoved if changes are added using the "editing|changes" property.
    • The built-in load panel appears in the wrong position and then moves to the center.
    • Vertical scrollbar unnecessarily appears when the height is in relative units and a cell template is used.
  • DevExtreme Data Sources
    • CustomStore - The E4021 error is thrown if the load function resolves a class even if the class contains totalCount.
  • DevExtreme Dialogs & Notifications
    • Popup - Scrollbar's position is reset after an editor is focused in Android.
  • DevExtreme Editors & Validation
    • Button - The `aria-label` attribute is not changed when it's specified in the elementAttr option.
    • DateBox - Month value is reset after changing days.
    • SelectBox
      • A component without a defined value adds two items instead of one if acceptCustomValue is enabled.
      • Focus moves to the component when you click on a disabled button.
  • DevExtreme Form
    • The floating label is cut off in the material theme.
  • DevExtreme Gantt
    • Splitter position is not properly updated when taskListWidth is changed programmatically.
  • DevExtreme Layout & Navigation
    • Menu - Accessibility - It is not possible to close a hovered menu when clicking the Escape key.
    • Sortable - It is not possible to add an item to an embedded Sortable in MultiView.
  • DevExtreme Scheduler
    • "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'removeDroppableClasses')" exception occurs on scrolling via the mouse wheel if allowDragging is false.
    • Agenda throws a TypeError on changing the data source of resources.
    • An appointment changes a date depending on the local machine's timezone instead of the currently selected timezone.
  • DevExtreme TreeList
    • Content leaking occurs when pushing an update with data property.
    • TreeList \ DataGrid - The "data" parameter is undefined in onRowRemoved if changes are added using the "editing|changes" property.


  • Cascading parameters - No child records are returned for the IsNull condition and an empty nullable parent parameter.
  • DllNotFoundException with the "Unable to load shared library 'gdi32.dll' or one of its dependencies" message occurs while creating a report's document if the report contains an SVG image.
  • Parameters - The look-up collection is empty if EFDataSource is used as a datasource.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - Stored Procedure Fields are lost after the SqlDataSource | Rebuild Result Schema command execution.
  • Web Document Viewer
    • Editable fields do not preserve the original horizontal alignment of their parent XRControl.
    • The client-side PreviewClick event is not always called.
    • The reportDisplayName error occurs when destroying the component.
  • Web Report Designer
    • An error occurs on adding the same SP twice (the multiple result sets issue).
    • The DevExpress.XtraPrinting.DocxDocumentOptions.Comments property is not localized.
    • XRTable disappears after moving it in the Report Explorer window.
    • PdfExportOptions.PdfUACompatibility setting is missing.
  • DataGrid - The "Column" type doesn't have the TS definition for the "defaultSetCellValue" method.
  • HtmlEditor – The "TS7016: Could not find a declaration file for module 'devextreme-quill'" error occurs on an attempt to import Quill in Angular 14.


  • Errors are thrown if the double slash is removed from a file optimized using a software optimizer.
  • PolarChart does not show smooth edges when different points are connected.
  • DataGrid
    • editCellTemplate sets the "title" attribute of <i> elements to an empty string in certain usage scenarios in FireFox.
    • An error occurs if a cell value does not match a specified mask rule.
    • State storing with deferred selection does not store the selectionFilter property.
    • The "Column" type doesn't have the TS definition for the "defaultSetCellValue" method.
  • dxColorBox - Placeholder is not shown for the 'undefined' value.
  • Knockout - Checkbox stops working after moving from 20.2.7 to 22.1.5.
  • Form - The template is not re-evaluated under certain conditions.
  • Gantt - It is impossible to move the parent task to the left if the autoUpdateParentTasks property is set to true.
  • HTML Editor breaks a table when a multiline text is pasted.
  • HtmlEditor
    • Tables remove data attributes from variables and mentions.
    • The mentions list is misaligned when shown from a new line.
  • TreeView
    • expandItem returns promise that is not resolved in certain cases.
    • The `Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'shadowRoot')` error occurs on an attempt to trigger the mouseenter event manually.
  • TreeList - A request is sent on each selection in certain usage scenarios.


  • DataGrid
    • The "Column" type doesn't have the TS definition for the "defaultSetCellValue" method.
    • columnAutoWidth does not work for columns with cellTemplate/cellRender in React 18.
    • Expanded rows are not rendered correctly if columnFixing is enabled.
    • The columnAutoWidth option does not work in React if there's a fixed column.


  • DataGrid - The "Column" type doesn't have the TS definition for the "defaultSetCellValue" method.
  • dxDiagram
    • Connectors that are imported from JSON do not avoid other shapes.
    • Imported connector points are reset if edges.pointsExpr is not defined.
  • Form - Required text of template editors overlaps the helpText property.
  • DropDownButton - The list of items doesn't appear in the Toolbar's menu if the toolbar item's 'locateInMenu' is 'auto'.
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