JointJS+ v3.6

Adds new MindMap application to help your teams or customers visually organize information.
October 27, 2022 - 8:37
New Version


  • Added a new application: MindMap - The MindMap application can help your teams or end customers visually organize information, come up with new ideas and collaborate on them. All of the necessary tools (e.g. command manager) and UI components (newly updated rich text editor) have been included.
  • Added a new set of useful shapes (Value Stream Mapping) - Added a set of new Value Stream Mapping (VSM) shapes that are delivered as a separate installable module. These shapes are not only useful for mapping lean processes, but serve in part as a gallery of generic shapes that may be useful in other use cases, and most importantly as inspiration for how to create your own shapes.
  • Improved highlighters to add dynamic content to existing elements - Introduced an improved highlighter that renders dynamic content without having to touch the existing elements in any way.
  • Added support for touchpads and trackpads - In this new release, your customers can navigate their diagrams by simply interacting with the touchpad or trackpad (using gestures).
  • The look and feel of popups is in your hands now - In the past, the way you could control the appearance of the context toolbar and popup was quite rigid. Now you can change their position, size, anchor, padding and more, giving you even more flexibility when using our library.
  • Improved ui.Clipboard that helps you copy/paste multiple elements - Improved the ui.Clipboard component, which allows you to copy/paste multiple elements, insert clipboard cells at a given point, and pass custom model flags.
  • Added a new linking tool displayed on hover that allows more flexible linking - With the new linkTools.HoverConnect component, you can move over an existing link and create connections with more flexibility.
  • ‍Added a more powerful rich text editor - Added an enhanced rich text editor that allows you to format text in a variety of ways - changing the font, color and size of text, and more.
  • Added an option to duplicate nested cells - You can now clone and fork elements along with their descendants.
  • Added a new option to make changing the scale of tools easier - Added a new easy way to resize the tools right in the user interface.
MindMap application


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