Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC R3 2022 SP1

Improves ListBox, ScrollView and TreeList components.
November 11, 2022 - 14:44
New Version


  • Common
    • You can now rewrite source from Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)/Universal Module Definition (UMD) to ES modules and include the modules in your distributions.
    • Fluent Theme Package (v5.10.0).
    • Classic Theme Package (v5.10.0).
    • Bootstrap Theme Package (v5.10.0).
    • Default Theme Package (v5.10.0).
    • Material Theme Package (v5.10.0).
  • Chart
    • Added Subtitle property to Charts.
    • Added support for bullet chart labels.
  • Chat
    • Improved chat accessibility.
  • Form
    • Enabled DataAnnotation "DisplayAttribute.Name" property in a form.
  • ListBox
    • Improved ListBox accessibility.
  • ListView
    • Added ariaLabel to ListView configuration options.
  • ScrollView
    • Improved ScrollView accessibility.
  • TreeList
    • Unified TreeList and Grid events.
  • TreeView
    • Enhanced performance for large data sets.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added support for embedding only a subset of characters used in the document, when registering CidType2Font using FontsRepository.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Removed an obsolete Add method from SeriesCollectionOfT class. Use the other overrides instead.
  • WordsProcessing
    • Added the ability to preserve bin images on import/export.
    • Added support for SEQ Field.
Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

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