YouTrack 2022.3

You can now work with your tasks and articles in Telegram.
November 18, 2022 - 16:02
New Version


  • Telegram integration - In addition to Slack integration, you can now work with your tasks and articles in Telegram. Install a YouTrack bot to get notified of the tasks and articles you are subscribed to. You can also create issues and articles, update issues with commands or add comments, and pin issues as discussions in group chats.
  • Multirecord data entry for Timesheets - Added the ability to record spent time on multiple dates or date ranges with a single action. This means you can report all your activity for a single issue in one go.
  • More actions for your workflows
    • New actions in the Workflow Constructor - The Workflow Constructor helps you automate business processes in a visual editor without writing any code. To enhance it, new action blocks have been added to the Workflow Constructor that let you add issue links and work items or require values for specific fields.
    • User input in action rules - An action rule lets you extend YouTrack with actions that can be applied as commands or accessed directly from the issue toolbar. With YouTrack JavaScript workflows, you can now create action rules that prompt your team members to provide additional information. For example, when cloning an issue, you can ask the user to choose the project where the issue will be created. Other workflow updates give you access to work item data and improve date calculations.
  • Articles from Space import
    • You can now migrate articles from JetBrains Space to YouTrack. Import folders as articles, and files and checklists as sub-articles. All your comments will be imported, too. Full Markdown support provides a seamless transition.
  • YouTrack Server in Kubernetes
    • Created a new guide on running YouTrack Server in the Kubernetes cluster.
Telegram integration


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