Mockplus Cloud updated

New Annotations feature offers a new way to convey design intentions to developers.
November 24, 2022
New Version


What's new

  • Added Mockplus Cloud UI 2.0 which makes the UI more intuitive and minimalist.
  • Introduced Annotations to offer a new way to convey design intentions to developers.
  • Added the ability to upload images to explain your task comments further.
  • Optimized task creation to improve user experience.
  • Increased speed of downloading, exporting and printing an online Product Requirement Document (PRD).

Developer handoff

  • Added support for clicking the unresolved comment number on the left Project Tree to take users to the Comment mode and see the unresolved comments.
  • Added a new right-click shortcut to rename a design page when selecting it in Storyboard.
  • Added support for quickly switching to the last or current artboard using shortcuts "Alt + Left/Right click".
  • Added a new prompt to tell users that a non-empty project folder cannot be deleted.
  • Added a new “Shift + mouse wheel” shortcut to move the canvas horizontally.
  • Improved page zooming - The selected page is now zoomed from the center of the current view.
  • Improved image quality when downloading assets at different scales.
  • Improved the collapsing and expanding of the Project Tree - When parent nodes are collapsed, the child node will also be collapsed at the same time.

Team/Project management

  • Improved batch operations - You can now batch move or deal with your projects even under a project group.
  • Adjusted the project permissions of Collaborators - Collaborators can now share and preview the projects they create.
  • Improved the prototype uploading - When you click "+" to upload a prototype on the left Project Tree, you can choose to cancel the uploading.
  • Adjusted the access permission of Collaborators and Guests in the Storyboard mode of RP prototypes - The "Edit" button is now disabled.
  • Improved the membership approval - A new popup is added to confirm the changes when trying to change the groups or joined projects that new members can access after the approval.

Task management

  • Added the ability to share a design system library with team members via a link.
  • Added support for showing how many times your Symbols are used in your Sketch files.

Axure plugin

  • Added support for taking the Axure files with the same file name as one.

Figma plugin

  • Added support for recognizing the rotation angles of your Figma files in the landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Added a new prompt to guide users when choosing a deleted project on the plugin.
  • Improved frame group creation - When the frame group name exceeds the character limit, the "Create" button will be disabled.

Photoshop plugin

  • Added a new setting option to upload your design files at a high quality.
  • Added support for downloading high quality assets when choosing "Upload high quality assets" in the plugin.
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