Dynamic Web TWAIN 18.0

Enable document scanning on your Android mobile device.
January 5, 2023
New Version


Localhost Scan

  • New Features
    • Service Edition for Android - You can now enable document scanning from eSCL-compatible scanners or Wi-Fi Direct scanners directly to your Android mobile device.
    • Scanner:
      • Added new GetDevicesAsync method.
      • Added new SelectDeviceAsync method.
      • Added new AcquireImageAsync method.
      • Added new deviceType optional parameter to the SelectSourceAsync method.
    • Mobile Web Capture:
      • Added support for turning on/off torch:
        • Added new turnOnTorch and turnOffTorch methods.
        • Added new getCapabilities method.
        • Added new torch property to ScannerViewer.
  • Improved Features
    • All license key types can now be specified with the API Dynamsoft.DWT.ProductKey.
    • Added new Dynamsoft.DWT.DeviceFriendlyName property which defines the specific device that consumes the license quota.
    • Added new Dynamsoft.DWT.EnumDWT_ExtImageInfo enumeration.
    • Updated Barcode Reader add-on library to version 9.4.
  • Changes to ActiveX Edition:
    • Added the following API supports for better compatibility with HTML5 Edition:
      • HTTPUpload.
      • ConvertToBase64.
      • OnBufferChanged.
      • CloseSourceAsync.
      • OpenSourceAsync.
      • GetSourceNamesAsync.
      • CloseSourceManagerAsync.
      • OpenSourceManagerAsync.

Remote Scan

  • Added Remote Document Scanning which enables document scanning from all available Dynamsoft Services and eSCL scanners on the intranet through one proxy service, via any supported devices and browsers, without any software installation.
Document scanning on Android

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Browser-based document scanning SDK.

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