Wijmo 2022 v2

Adds support for Angular 14 and React 18 along with improvements to FlexGrid and FlexChart.
January 09, 2023 - 15:37
New Version


  • Angular 14 support - You can start using Angular 14 applications with Wijmo today. Wijmo offers a large set of fast, flexible Angular components, each with rich declarative markup.
  • React 18 support - All Wijmo components have been updated to support React 18, including the new rendering model. This includes things like rich Cell Templates in FlexGrid.
  • Accessibility Improvements
    • Add captions to your DataGrid for screen readers - One common practice when working with tables is to add a caption to describe what is displayed in the table. This same practice can be applied to ARIA Grid components too. This version adds a new 'ariaLabel' property which can be used to define what screen readers announce as the caption for your DataGrid.
    • Expand/collapse state now announced for grouped rows in FlexGrid.
    • Group headers no longer render aria-required attribute.
    • DataMap now behaves the same when using a keyboard as a mouse.
  • FlexChart Scrollable Legends - For charts with many series, you can now add scrollbars on legends.
  • More FlexChart Improvements
    • Added 'labelMin' and 'labelMax' properties for customizing label sizes.
    • Added 'saveSvgToDataUrl()' and 'saveSvgToFile()' methods for improved export options.
FlexChart Scrollable Legends


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