PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.71.17057

Improves PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.1 support.
January 11, 2023 - 16:27
New Version


  • Better PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.1 support:
    • Added enum, BackedEnum and UnitEnum implicit interfaces.
    • Updated integrated manual with the latest symbols and translations.
    • Added support for new 'Random' extension.
    • Added support for new PHP 8.2 core types.
  • IntelliSense and Enums - The PHP 8.1 enum objects now implicitly implement UnitEnum and BackedEnum interfaces. The BackedEnum<TValue> interface is now annotated with a template type argument, so it can be used in Doc Comments for better type analysis.
  • Improved Doc Comment syntax:
    • Doc Blocks now support type syntaxes in most of PHPStan, and other popular linting frameworks.
    • Types, including complex array shapes, generic types, template type annotations, unions, intersections, and callables are all now properly colorized, occurrences are highlighted and code completion now works.
    • Refactoring now recognizes nested types within Doc Blocks.
    • The overall functionality of types within Doc Blocks is now complete.
  • Improved Generics and PHPStan compatibility:
    • @template, @implements-*, @extends-*, and other notations are now supported.
    • Overall improvements for generic type support:
      • More supported scenarios.
      • Working with doctrine/collections.
    • Core PHP Traversable types have been annotated with generic template type arguments.
    • 'foreach' now works well with generic collections and Traversable types with generic annotations.
  • PHPStan Array Shape, callable, list, and more:
    • The editor now supports all syntaxes for array shapes and callables. In addition, type analysis handles specified PHPStan types accordingly.
    • PHPStan and Psalm array shapes specified in PHP Doc Comments are now allowed, parsed, colorized and used in code completion and type analysis.
    • List and non-empty-list types are now handled. Including their generic counterparts with < and > types specified.
    • All the callable syntaxes in PHP Doc Comments are now supported.
  • Array Shape Types supported - Doc Comments now allow using single-line structured array types in the form of and array.
  • More generic annotations - Added support for standard types annotated with generic template types, this is especially helpful in Laravel and Symfony frameworks.
  • Editor enhancements:
    • Tool-tips now show resolved generic types.
    • Stub-only phar packages (.phar with only the main stub, no file entries) are now supported.
    • Generated Doc Comments (/**) now respect generator functions.
    • Overall type inferring improvements.
    • Improved diagnostic and parameter completion for 'session_set_cookie_params()'.
    • Improved type inferring for generic types and various edge cases.
    • Optimized memory use.
    • PHPStan Doc Comment type syntaxes are now supported and have been improved.
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