Telerik Reporting R1 2023

Improves Web Report Designer and Blazor Report Viewer.
January 20, 2023 - 9:04
New Version


  • Web Report Designer now allows you to create, import or export predefined connections to different data sources. These connections are stored as assets and can be referenced among report definitions.
  • Implemented new 'Switch' and 'Ifs' functions that are easier to write and maintain. Their behavior is similar to what users have already experienced in Microsoft Excel.
  • Web Report Designer now exposes a property named 'ReportViewerOptions' which allows you to configure the embedded Report Viewer.
  • Blazor Report Viewer
    • Can now be added to Microsoft .NET 6+ Blazor Server apps and Blazor WebAssembly apps using a Microsoft Visual Studio item template.
    • Now displays tooltips on report contents.
    • Now exposes a public API for triggering toolbar commands programmatically.
    • Now provides customizable parameter templates for each parameter type.
    • The toolbar can now be customized.
Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting

Complete .NET embedded reporting tool for web and desktop applications.

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