Flyway Engine 9.12.0

Improves database compatibility, adding support for MariaDB 10.10.
January 24, 2023 - 15:41
New Version


  • Database compatibility
    • Updated latest supported MariaDB version to 10.10.
    • Added support for Snowflake versions up to 7.1.
  • New features
    • Added 'NON_EMPTY_SCHEMA_WITHOUT_SCHEMA_HISTORY_TABLE' as a new error code.
  • Java compatibility
    • As part of the ongoing work to improve Flyway Redgate are looking at the current Java landscape and to the future. As a result, they are introducing Multi-Release builds for Flyway which will support Java 8 and Java 17. This allows access to modern Java practices and technologies. This is with the aim to move fully to Java 17 in the next major release. (Thanks to pachu, hackyoMa and frichtarik for reporting these issues).


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