ExpressNavigationPack 22.2.3

Improves Bars, Editors and Layout controls.
January 25, 2023 - 11:22
New Version


ExpressBars Suite

  • A Stack Overflow exception occurs when using keyboard shortcuts to set focus on a TcxBarEditItem in Ribbon.
  • An Access Violation error occurs if a style is created without TcxStyleRepository and is assigned to a component's Style property.

ExpressEditors Library

  • An application crashes when end users use TdxShellListView to navigate through folders whose content is changed.
  • cxMemo - The vertical scrollbar overlaps an editor's button.
  • Size of an in-place TcxLookupComboBox popup window is reset if the dataset's properties are changed in the grid column's PropertiesOnPopup event handler.
  • TcxHintStyleController - The ShowHint method does not take the AMaxWidth parameter value into account if hint text is formatted.

ExpressLayout Control

  • TdxLayoutLabeledItem isn't sized according to other items in a group.

Installation (VCL)

  • The "Resource CX_DATAROWFIXEDONTOP not found" error occurs at application startup if the dxUseVectorIcons global constant is set to True and the application is built with runtime packages.


Add Ribbon, toolbar, layout and skinning functionality to your VCL applications.

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