TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 31.0 SP2

Improves Text Filters, Mail Merge and Ribbon.
February 23, 2023
New Version


Text Filters

  • Images are scaled down when saved with a 4K computer screen.
  • Track Changes at the last input position of TextFrames are lost in RTF and DOCX format.
  • HTML import: UTF-16 surrogate pairs are not imported correctly in some cases.
  • HTML filter: some assertions are active in release build.

Mail Merge

  • DocumentServer: Setting MailMerge.RemoveEmptyFields to false has no effect in some cases.

Application Fields

  • Undo causes ApplicationField to lose part of its content.


  • Ribbon button description "Delete All Comments in Document" should be changed because it only deletes comments in current text part.

Single Microsoft .NET Property

  • TextField.Deletable has no effect for form fields.


  • The Frames & Background and Alignment ribbon groups are not enabled automatically.


  • .NET >= 5.0: Setting "Field Navigator" as sidebar's content layout leads to an error.

Table of Contents

  • TOC is not displayed correctly if the list type for an included paragraph is changed from Bulleted to Numbered/Structured.


  • Distance between list item and text changes due to insertion mode of image.


  • Field is split upon UNDO.


  • Microsoft .NET (Core): Ribbon should detect any version of System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Enterprise

Add document editing, creation and PDF generation to your Windows Forms applications.

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