Kendo UI R1 2023 SP1

Improves Grid, ToolBar and Editor components.
March 16, 2023 - 16:34
New Version


  • Common
    • Added centralized support for SVG and Font icons across all UI components.
    • Fluent Theme Package (v6.2.0).
    • Classic Theme Package (v6.2.0).
    • Bootstrap Theme Package (v6.2.0).
    • Default Theme Package (v6.2.0).
    • Material Theme Package (v6.2.0).
    • You can now apply revised form guidelines for button position in popup/pane editors (DateTimePicker, Diagram, Editor, FileManager, Gantt, Grid, ImageEditor, OrgChart, Scheduler, TaskBoard, TimePicker, TreeList and Upload components).
    • You can now substitute Toolbars with the Kendo UI Toolbar (Editor, Gantt, Grid, Scheduler and TreeList components).
  • Calendar
    • Added a message option for the "Today" button in the Calendar modern layout.
  • Editor
    • Replaced Editor's toolbar with ToolBar component.
  • Gantt
    • Enhanced Gantt Popup Edit Form.
  • Grid
    • Added sizing capabilities to Grid.
    • Improved Grid toolbars KB navigation.
  • ToolBar
    • Improved Grid toolbars KB navigation.