Eyeshot Fem 2023

Adds Curve, Plane, Surface and Volume meshers.
April 11, 2023 - 9:41
New Version


New Architecture

  • Document classes have been introduced.
  • Workspace.Document now contains all the data required to draw the scene content.
  • Version 2022 GEntities have been removed.
  • Finally, a true cross-platform neutral core product is available.

New Features

  • Curve, Plane, Surface, and Volume meshers.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
  • Managed ReadDWG and ReadDXF classes.
  • Improved SpaceMouse support.
  • Static selection with halo.
  • NURBS curve and surface extension.
  • Lighter BRep tessellation (less data, smaller memory footprint, faster read/write).
  • MeshEditor class.
  • Image-based silhouette drawing.
  • QuickForms GitHub project.


  • Improved drawing speed of FastMesh entity with Direct3D renderer (FastMesh.Dynamic property).
  • Improved STL import speed (ReadSTL.Compact property).
  • Depth reading on frozen objects (Workspace.WriteDepthForFrozen property).

UI Code Samples

  • Updated SketcherDemo with sketch import from DWG/DXF and Move/Rotate/Scale.
  • Updated BlendSurface with NURBS curve/surface extension.
  • Updated Workspaces with SketchManager support.
  • Updated DraftingDemo with interactive curve trim/extend.
  • New GCodeSimulator code sample.

Console Code Samples

  • CheckCollision.
  • ComputeExtents.
  • ComputeVolume.
  • EditMesh.
  • GenerateDrawing.
  • GenerateToolpath.
  • MeshCurve.
  • WriteIges.
Eyeshot Fem

Eyeshot Fem

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications including geometry meshing and Finite Element Analysis.

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