Codejock Toolkit Pro v22.1.0

Improves Grid, SkinFramework and SyntaxEdit controls.
April 13, 2023
New Version


  • ToolkitPro
    • Optional Create and Destroy callback pointers have been added to 'CXTPThreadLocal' constructor.
    • 'CXTPLogFont' implementation has been improved.
    • Missing translation entries have been added and existing translations have been revised and improved.
  • GridControl
    • 'CXTPGridRecordItem::SetGridControl' has been added for specifying backward association between an item and the host control.
  • SkinFramework
    • 'FilterWindow' and 'FilterWindowClass' methods have been added to CXTPSkinManager in order to allow window exclusion from skinning.
    • Missing Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 10 skins source code is now included.
  • Controls
    • Default paint manager is now enforced for Marquee control.
    • 'SetProperty', 'GetProperty' and 'ReCreateProvider' have been added to the CXTPWebBrowserCtrl control.
    • 'UDF' property has been added to the WebBrowser control for WebView2 'UserDefaultFolder' location customization.
    • 'OverrideKeyPath' and 'OptionKeyPath' properties have been added to the WebBrowser control for 'ShellExplorer' settings customization.
    • User-Agent HTTP header customization has been added to the WebBrowser control.
    • Client interface reference holding has been added to the WebBrowser control.
  • Markup
    • Markup initialization is now enforced on the main thread during app initialization.
  • SyntaxEdit
    • Handling DPI changes dynamically has been improved.
  • Samples and Utilities
    • MFC
      • SyntaxEdit powered syntax highlighting has been added to MarkupPad and CommandBarsDesigner XML editors.
      • Right-to-Left option has been added to CommandBarIcons samples.
      • TaskPanel sample has been overhauled.
    • General
      • UserAgent string retrieval is now demonstrated in samples that feature WebBrowser control.
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