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Improves use of multiple expressions within aggregate functions.
April 20, 2023
New Version


  • GcWord Templates:
    • It is now possible to use expressions as arguments of aggregate functions. The expression can use constants, aggregates, or two collections within the functions. The following calculations are now possible:
      • Using Constants - {{ calc Sum(2 + ds.value)}}.
      • Use Aggregates within Aggregate functions - {{ calc Average(ds.value+Sum(ds.value)/2)}}.
      • Using two collections within the functions - {{ calc Average(ds.value+ds2.value)}}.
    • GcWord Templates now support the following collection state functions: IsFirst, IsLast, and Index, which can be applied to iterated ranges. These functions return the state of the current iteration over a collection. In your Microsoft Word reports, you can implement scenarios like these:
      • Show only even elements of the collection.
      • Show the number of elements and the current element.
      • Check if a word is the first or last element in the collection.
      • Insert a word at a certain location.
  • Developers can now apply a linked style to both paragraphs or run in Word documents using the new GcWordDocument.Styles.AddLinkedStyle method. Also added is a boolean property HideLinkedCharacterStyles which can be used to hide linked character styles. You can apply linked styles to the following API:
    • Run.Style - Add a run and set the linked style to it.
    • ContentControl.Style - Set the linked style to content control.
    • FormattedMark.Style - Set the linked style to a paragraph's mark (a glyph used to represent the physical location of the paragraph mark for a paragraph).
    • FindFormatting.Style - Create find options and set the linked style to it.
  • GcWord now supports 3D effects for shapes and fonts in the API.
    • The TextFrameFormat and Effects class of GcWord has been extended to support ThreeDFormat and ThreeDScene effects.
    • ThreeDFormat class sets 3D Format properties on Font or Shapes.
    • ThreeDScene class applies 3D scene effects on objects like Lighting, Camera, Backdrop, etc.
    • Font, Shape, GroupShape, and Picture classes have the new ApplyEffectsPreset method to set built-in effects for text and shapes.
  • Adding various effects to shapes is now supported when exporting Word (.docx) documents to PDF and Images.
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