KendoReact R1 2023 SP2 (v5.13.0)

Improves Combobox, Map and Stock Chart.
April 28, 2023
New Version


  • Autocomplete
    • Added grouping functionality.
  • Combobox
    • Added a custom template option for the grouping sticky header.
    • Added a template for grouping headers.
    • Added modern Grouping mode.
  • Dateinputs
    • Added adaptive mode to DatePicker.
  • Dropdownlist
    • Added grouping functionality.
  • Dropdowns
    • Added adaptive mode to MultiColumnComboBox, Multiselect, DropdownTree, MultiSelectTree and dropdownlist.
  • Inputs
    • Added FlatColorPicker opacity and format props.
    • Added FlatColorPicker onChange event.
  • Map
    • Added onRefresh prop and loadMarks method.
  • Multicolumncombobox
    • Added modern group mode.
  • Multiselect
    • Added grouping functionality.
  • Stock Chart
    • Added navigator.position option.


Native UI and DataViz components for React Developers.

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