ActiveState Platform - May 2023

Includes updates for Jupyter, Pycurl and Scipy.
May 16, 2023
New Version


  • The ActiveState Platform is regularly updated with new, patched and versioned packages and languages.
    • Added the latest versions of the following:
      • Wheel v0.40.0.
      • Ipykernel v6.22.
      • Traitlets v5.9.
      • sqlite3 v3.41.2.
      • Pycurl v7.43.0.
      • curl v8.0.1.
      • matplotlib v3.7.1.
      • Scipy v1.10.1.
      • Xgboost v1.7.4.
    • Jupyter - Jupyter-core v5.3, Jupyter-client v8.2, jupyterlab v4.0.0b1, jupyterlab-server v2.22.1 and jupyter-server v2.5 have been added.
    • tqdm and tomlkit - Added Data Version Control (DVC) support.
ActiveState Platform

ActiveState Platform

Automatically build, resolve and certify open source languages.

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