Adds support for drawing, radar charts and combining documents.
June 14, 2023
New Version


  • Drawing - Make your own freehand drawings on slides using a pen or highlighter. You can choose the desired color and line thickness. Moreover, for color palettes used in the editors, this release added color name tips and eyedropper which automatically recognizes the needed color.
  • Radar charts - Insert radar charts in your sheets, docs or slides to illustrate multivariate data through graphs.
  • Combining documents - When combining documents, files are merged as they are, and the unsolved tracked changes will remain in the merged document. So, you will be able to still accept or reject them if needed.
  • Saving objects as pictures - Quickly save objects such as shapes, charts, Text Art, text boxes, Smart Art created in your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations as PNG images. Besides, for graphic objects, this release added border opacity settings and ability to copy the formatting of the existing visuals when creating new ones.
  • Saving docs and sheets as images - Save your text documents and spreadsheets as PNG and JPG pictures for further distribution.
  • Format support - This version introduced support for viewing and editing via conversion to OOXML: MHTML, SXC, ET, ETT, SXI, DPS, DPT, XML, SXW, STW, WPS, and WPT.
  • What’s new in spreadsheets
    • Enhanced protection. When activating protected ranges, grant editing rights only to the appropriate users. Other people with access to the workbook are still able to view the content, but editing the selected ranges is prohibited for them.
    • New formulas. Make your calculations even more effective using the newly added formulas: SEQUENCE, XMATCH, EXPAND, FILTER, ARRAYTOTEXT, and SORT.
    • Improved Pivot tables. Version 7.4 comes with the Show values as setting to quickly present values in different ways, and context menu options for working with Pivot tables.
    • Ability to set the range of pages and the first page number for printing.
    • Short/long date in the number format presets.
  • Upgraded plugins - Thanks to the extended API, plugins can now have as many windows as you want (for example, you can execute a custom script in a separate window) and be dynamically embedded in the context menu of the editors.
  • Document editor
    • Advanced settings for numbered and multilevel lists.
    • Recently used and lists in the current document in the presets.
    • Ability to create a new list via the settings dialog.
  • New localization options
    • Sinhala translation for the editors.
    • Regional settings in Danish.
    • Translation of formula tips into Armenian.
    • Help section in Turkish.
  • Optimized form creator
    • Ability to add a new form without leaving the current one.
    • Default value setting (it’s no longer possible to fill out forms in the editing mode).
    • Improved track rendering for fixed forms.
    • Better functioning of smaller forms inside complex ones.
  • Usability improvements
    • For more comfortable user experience, this version added further interface scaling options of 250%, 300%, 350%, 400%, 450%, and 500%.
    • Updates for interface elements adding number of results in the search box, and column headings for list display.