DevExtreme Complete 23.1.4

Improves PivotGrid, Layout and Scheduler.
July 24, 2023
New Version



  • All Angular products
    • CachedReportSource with Skia - Unexpected implementation type while accessing XtraReport.Watermark.
    • Cannot export custom types when using the new Fetch function.
    • Document Viewer - NullReferenceException exception occurs while using Cached Report Source Builder on Microsoft Azure.
    • Export to PDF
      • Incorrect Unicode mapping for the Hiragino Kaku Gothic font.
      • Font Fallback - The StackOverFlow exception is thrown on exporting a report with certain symbols.
    • Web Document Viewer:
      • Document creation never starts when invisible parameter values are defined in code.
      • It's not possible to resolve the IAzureSearchTableProvider type while using the Azure BLOB storage.
      • TextAlignment property does not work correctly for editable fields in a previewed report.
      • Unable to print after adjusting the PDF compatibility level.
    • Web Report Designer:
      • A typo in the XRCrossTab Report Wizard.
      • Creating a custom parameterized SQL query results in the schema rebuild error.
      • Optimized Data Source Wizard schema loading.
      • Watermark text strings are not localizable.
      • XRShape.Shape drop-down options are not localizable.
    • Web Report Designer's Data Source Wizard - Searching over tables may cause a web page with the "Page unresponsive" dialog to hang when a database contains a large number of elements.
    • Web Report Designer's Report Wizard - The data field scroll bar is not working on the "Define Report Layout" page.
    • XRChart - ImageType = Bitmap does not work on Linux.
    • XRLabel - Enabling AllowMarkupText for certain text results in freezing the application.


  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • Gauge - Chart size decreases when the screen scale is 150% and the browser zoom is 90%.
    • Pyramid Chart - "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')" error is thrown if a data source contains small values.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • "Export selected rows to Excel" feature exports an empty array if the filtered column is bound to a collection and remote filtering is used.
    • "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error occurs on navigating through summary items in the group footer via arrow keys.
    • Editing a checkbox triggers a scroll down when clicking outside of DataGrid.
    • Error E1047 appears on an attempt to apply a saved state with a filter when no default columns are specified.
    • focusedRowIndex is -1 when the first data cell is focused with the keyboard.
    • Search results are not highlighted in accent-insensitive mode.
    • Selected items do not reflect changes applied via the push method.
    • The 'dx-focused' class is not removed from a grid cell when it loses focus.
    • stateStoring does not restore default behavior after an exception.
    • DataGrid/TreeList - The 'column' property is undefined and 'cellElement' is missing from a command button's template data.
  • DevExtreme Data Sources
    • CustomStore: No extraOptions in byKey's TypeScript definition.
    • DevExtreme Angular - The "Type 'ResolvedData<any>' is not assignable to type 'any[]'" error occurs in certain cases.
    • LoadOptions - isExpanded and groupInterval properties are missing in the group option's TypeScript definition.
  • DevExtreme Dialogs & Notifications
    • Toast - Initial position is incorrect on Android tablets.
    • Toast does not show a message if multiple properties are changed simultaneously.
  • DevExtreme Editors & Validation
    • NumberBox - onValueChanged event is not raised if the negative sign ('-') is erased from the 'input' valueChangeEvent.
    • SelectBox - Value is set to null after selecting an item whose display value is an empty string.
    • TypeScript - The dxTextEditorButton type is deprecated.
  • DevExtreme Layout & Navigation
    • Draggable - An element loses its position when it's dragged inside ScrollView via auto-scroll.
    • Floating Action Button is not scrolled along with the page.
    • List - Data stops loading if a group is collapsed when using the Web API service and if pagination is enabled.
  • DevExtreme PivotGrid
    • The RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded error occurs when reloading a data source after changing a row's visibility.
  • DevExtreme Scheduler
    • Full month (December) is not displayed when the view type is set to "Month" and IntervalCount is set to 12.
    • Month view doesn't include all days when intervalCount is more than 5 months.
    • Navigation calendar has incorrect cell width.
    • Recurrence Until Date uses the browser's time zone instead of Scheduler's time zone.
    • Scheduler's navigator does not show a proper month after navigation arrows are used to change the view.
    • The onDragEnd callback does not hold the updated itemData at the time it is triggered.
  • DevExtreme Themes & Utils
    • Localization - Locale method does not accept upper-case locale identifiers (e.g., zh-TW).


  • All React products
    • Web Document Viewer:
      • It's not possible to resolve the IAzureSearchTableProvider type while using the Azure BLOB storage.
      • Multiple client-side issues occur in the React + Vite integration.
    • Web Report Designer - XRShape.Shape drop-down options are not localizable.
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