Telerik Report Server R2 2023 SP1

Radial Gauge component now has dedicated context menu.
July 24, 2023
New Version


  • Added a new report item - Linear Gauge
    • Similar to the Radial Gauge, the newest report item named Linear Gauge can be used to present a single measure over a domain of numerical values, but on a horizontal or vertical scale. The item supports multiple ranges, scales, and variable indicator types.
  • What's Improved
    • Radial Gauge component now has a dedicated context menu.
  • What's Changed
    • TRDX, TRDP and TRBP files created by Web Report Designer and Standalone Report Designers now use schema version 2.1.
    • Introduced a 'WriteDefaultAccessibleDescription' setting in PDF Device Info to allow users to control the automatically generated contents of 'AccessibleDescription' property.
    • Radial Gauge now has a new Needle class with nested properties.
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