GrapeCity Blog - Create an Angular Dropdown Control in your Web Application

Use the Wijmo ComboBox Angular dropdown control for choosing options.
September 18, 2023 - 16:28
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Wijmo is a complete collection of extensible, fast JavaScript UI components written in TypeScript. The framework-agnostic Wijmo components include first-class support for top frameworks including Angular, React, Vue and Web Components. Wijmo Enterprise has over 100 dynamic JavaScript UI components to help cut your development time in half.

In this blog post, GrapeCity's Joel Parks shows you how to use the Wijmo ComboBox control to implement dropdown menus that allow users to complete an online form accurately. Steps include:

  • Dropdown Implementation
  • Styling the ComboBox Control
  • Customizing the Dropdown Elements
  • Integrating the Dropdown Control with other Components

Detailed sample code is included to get you up and running quickly.

Read the complete blog to get started now.

Use the Wijmo ComboBox control to create an Angular Dropdown


High-performance JavaScript UI components for Enterprise apps.

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