InterBase 2020 Update 5

Improves IBConsole usability plus adds support for High DPI monitors.
October 17, 2023
New Version


  • IBConsole UX Redesigned
    • This update includes a brand new release of IBConsole which improves its usability and makes it look and behave in a more modern way.
    • Added support for High DPI monitors, replaced the icons which are also higher resolution, changed fonts and default sizes, removed some of the user interface "clutter" (in terms of lines, borders and repeated images), and made many other changes to make it a modern Microsoft Windows app.
    • Added search and filter results on different parts of IBConsole, which makes easier finding specific items or actions:
      • Search and filter items on the Multi-Purpose Section.
      • Quickly find servers and databases listed on the Server Tree.
      • Quickly find Tables, Views, or Fields on the Interactive SQL Window.
  • General Quality Improvements
    • Added InterBase IBToGo support for Apple iOS Simulator running in ARM64 (Apple Silicon), matching the Embarcadero Delphi target platform.
    • OpenSSL has been updated to 1.1.1 for all primary supported platforms.
    • Parameterized queries can now use parameters in expressions with concatenation and arithmetic operators, also within CAST().
    • The gstat tool now provides more statistics about blobs, including the blob count per table at various levels.
  • Recent Drivers Enhancements
    • Expanded the available drivers adding to the Embarcadero RAD Studio libraries and the classic ODBC driver, made some improvements to the ADO.NET driver and added a new Python driver.


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