patches GTP.NET

October 21, 2009 - 23:00
Patch Release

GTP.NET lets you visualize and manipulate time based information. GTP.NET includes a collection of user interface components which handle time blocks. The time blocks are displayed in a Gantt chart or a schema view. The times are connected to an owner, for example a person or an activity in a project. It can also be used to display dependencies and collisions between times, which gives the end user a graphical way to view and modify the project.

Updates in V3.2.8

  • Grid.cs
    Bug in Grid-Text-Search for readonly cells - they did no longer clear other selections when navigating to new focus; Fixed.
  • NodeDataConnect.cs
    When a complete DataSet is cleared, sub views may contain null in their keys and an exception is thrown; Handled
  • DateScaler.cs
    Bug in datescaler made scrolling slow for FlipView=true (ScheduleMode)
  • TimeItemDataConnect.cs
    Index in event was higher that CurrencyManager.Count giving strange results in certain cases.
  • Gantt.cs
    When disposing the UpdateSubComponents could get called in ASP.NET this gave exception; Fixed.
  • Gantt_ASP.cs
    PartialCaching attribute removed from Gantt_ASP; it should make no difference on IIS7 since it was already given a 0 second caching criteria, but it fixes an issue for IIS6 when redirecting back to Gantt page from a Gantt Page (gave intermitent Gantt_ASP==null exceptions)
    Tree button is now VAlligned center.
    New property ZIndexValueForDateScaler;This value is default 999, the DateScaler Scrollbuttons will get a Z-Index this value + 1.

About often works as consultant in software projects, as developer or as technical project manager. The company firmly believes in UML and OO-development. It is not platform or tool religious, but will use any tool that gets the job done. Its main product, the phGantTimePackage, consists of approx 42,000 lines of Delphi code. It was developed for the Swedish broadcasting company and has been available as an OCX since 1999. It contains extremely powerful Gantt and Schema components, allowing graphical manipulation of time items. It has been used in over 300 hundred different software projects around the globe. Some of's clients include; Swedish Parliament, SVT Swedish broadcasting cooperation, General Motors, Pronyx Metal AB, Ontario Power Generation, US Army Dugway Proving Ground, Kraft Foods, UCLA - NeuroOncology, Hewlett-Packard and Schlumberger.

An interactive Gantt chart sample.

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