SoftArtisans FileUp patched to V5.3

June 01, 2010 - 10:17
Patch Release

SoftArtisans FileUp allows you to transfer files to a Web server. FileUp is the one solution that offers both client-side resumability and the strength to overcome the built-in file size limits of ASP.NET. It allows you to securely transfer data from your Web server across a firewall onto a locked-down file server. SoftArtisans FileUp allows users with a Web browser to transmit files of any format from their local hard drive to your web server.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V5.3

Issues Addressed:

  • FileUp was leaking small amount of memory per file during uploads
  • In chunked-encoded uploads, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" and "Percentage" properties were not populated in ASP.NET
  • In uploads over 2-GB in ASP.NET, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" property was getting instantly set to a negative value, and "TransferredBytes" property was returning negative values after the upload passed 2-GB
  • When installed in COM+, FileUp threw the "Exception caught when processing request" error in classic ASP uploads and the "No such interface supported" error in ASP.NET uploads due to a bug in the SAFUpps.dll.
  • FileManager's "FileExists" method did not recognize files with certain Unicode characters in their name
  • FileManager's "GetFile" method threw error "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" for files with Unicode characters in their name

About SoftArtisans

Founded in 1996, SoftArtisans offers products that address mission-critical needs in the areas of report and data management and file transferring. In addition to award-winning products, SoftArtisans also offers a wide range of technical services including consulting, training and priority support. Headquartered in Brookline, MA, SoftArtisans has once again been named one of North America’s 500 fastest-growing technology companies.

Defining file upload settings with FileUp Enterprise.

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