FlexGrid for WinForms adds Korean Localization

March 27, 2012 - 15:02
Patch Release

ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms allows you to display, edit, format, organize, summarize and print tabular data. It features hierarchical styles, calculated columns, a powerful object model, enhanced cell editing (masks, buttons, etc.), object-oriented design and design-time support.

Updates in 2012 v1

  • Added Korean localization
  • Added support for data annotation attributes
  • Save outline indentation when exporting to XLSX and CSV
  • Save gridline visibility and color when exporting to XLSX and XLS
  • Improved behavior of auto-clip with empty strings
  • Improved behavior of updates when setting data that does not match filter requirements
  • Improved behavior of a selection when removing items in ListBox mode
  • Improved OwnerDraw logic for painting OutlineBar
  • Updated licensing to conform with Federal Information Processing Standards requirements

About ComponentOne

ComponentOne headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leader in the Microsoft Visual Studio component industry. The company believes the key to successful implementation of business solutions is providing customers with a premier studio of innovative components and tools.

Group data in ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms.

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