MailBee.NET Objects updated

May 23, 2012
Patch Release

MailBee.NET Objects provides full-featured, easy-to-use .NET assemblies which let your applications create, send, download, parse and manage emails on mail servers, file system or in memory. MailBee .NET Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Proxy, S/MIME, spam filter, Outlook .MSG converter, PDF converter, HTML mail, XML, mail merge, multiple attachments, international charsets, secure login, events, send to queue, DNS MX lookup (direct send) and email address validation.

The following components are also available as part of MailBee.NET Objects:

Updates in 7.2

  • Supports Gmail-specific IMAP extensions like thread ID, message ID, message labels
  • Directly send without a relay server even if DNS servers are not available
  • When connecting to Yahoo SMTP/IMAP/POP3 servers, MailBee.NET Objects by default, selects the appropriate SSL modes and ports.

About AfterLogic

AfterLogic Corporation is a Delaware-based technology corporation. Their areas of specialization include COM/ActiveX and .NET email component development, email software development and software consulting. They are known worldwide for their award winning MailBee.NET Objects and MailBee Objects mailing components plus the popular family of AfterLogic WebMail Pro products.

Screenshot from MailBee.NET Objects.

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