RapidSpell Web .NET updated

March 25, 2014 - 12:28
Patch Release

RapidSpell Web .NET provides ASP.NET developers with a cross browser, multi-client spelling control that requires no client installation and no special security settings. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell Web .NET includes 2 interfaces, an in-line highlighter and a fast (no post back) dialog interface. It includes 5 English dictionaries, including a 140,000 word U.S/U.K. dictionary plus Canadian and Australian English.

Updates in v4.3.2

  • Improved static overlay styling.

About Keyoti

Keyoti is a software component development company based at the foot of Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, Canada. Their components and controls are regarded as some of the best in their area and are used by companies such as ABN Amro, Compuware, Keybank, Intel, Monster.com, Office of the US President, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Scotland, US Army, Vivendi Universal and Verizon. They believe in excellence in product design, usability and stability.

As-you-type spell checking.

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