RapidSpell WPF updated

December 09, 2014 - 10:01
Patch Release

RapidSpell WPF can be added to any application to provide fully independent, highly customizable spell checking. It can also be used in non-GUI contexts using its spell checking API. Written exclusively for WPF, RapidSpell includes 4 English dictionaries (multiple other dictionaries are available, including medical).

Updates in V3.1.0

  • Improved performance of RapidSpellAsYouType with RichTextBox.
  • Added RemoveAllTextComponents method to API.
  • Fix "i i" autocorrection loop.
  • Fix context menu becoming orphaned from a removed textbox.

About Keyoti

Keyoti is a software component development company based at the foot of Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, Canada. Their components and controls are used by ABN Amro, Compuware, Keybank, Intel, Monster.com, Office of the US President, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Scotland, US Army, Vivendi Universal and Verizon. They believe in excellence in product design, usability and stability.

As-you-type spell checking with RapidSpell WPF.

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